2005 R53 body for SALE.

2005 R53 body. blown engine. Body is in exelent condition. Roof mirror caps and chrome on body is plastidipped. American flag decal on roof under dip is weathered and cracked. I owe $6500 looking to get $7000. New clutch brakes jcw challenge spoke rims  and new continental DWS (dry wet snow) tires.

contact: Jason Gasses 

ICal invite..

You can now stay informed on the go... add this link toy your mobile device to follow upcoming events.  webcal://p01-calendarws.icloud.com/ca/subscribe/1/UCG-M3EcNBtcJc4O9Njy1tnsiFgz8q399DYabqlWL_cR2Wi4w9EYSVzIiG3hXJL6Bux_6WFsH5oicQLn3VEspTjAyXK4cq4LSmdYeTZ0_aM


Hope it works... 

MINIAK Swag!!!

We now have a shop on CafePress... We will have design contests for upcoming events ... draw something, get the kids involved.. i will recreate anything so it can fit t-shirts and more.. here is the link you can also find it at MINIAK.club under SHOP.. enjoy.. http://www.cafepress.com/MINIAK

The Final Rough Draft


There is a lot of things planned for this season, let me know on Facebook if this looks good to you... If there are things you would like to add reach out to me and I will add them to the calendar. there are also a few pending events such as the Show & Shine... just waiting for times and dates for those events. If you are planning a personal trip and would like company reach out to fellow MINI members via Facebook for fishing trips, hikes, or other outdoorsy events ... if you go on your own, post pics on Facebook to show off the fun you are having.. most of all have a Fun/Safe summer!!


April 14 6:00pm Monthly Meeting at the Rock 

Rally in the Valley Car Show


May 12 6:00pm Monthly Meeting at the Rock

Valley Chrome Show (3-day event)

May 16 8am-12pm Kool Kruize University Mall... then Rally out to track to Rung what you Brung. 


June 14 1:00pm Monthly Meeting to Whittier best Beer Battered Halibut

Homer Rally / Poker Run - Pizza / many growler fills along the way / and great Coffee.. oh yeah and good views... 


July 12 1:00pm Monthly Meeting to Seward Dinner at Chinooks and Hike Exit Glacier 

4th of July Parade... Downtown Anchorage Parade

July 10 6pm-9pm -  Chepos Presents Classic Car Show on Business Blvd.

July 11 11am - GCI presents the Bear Paw Grand Parade


August 9 1:00pm Monthly Meeting Hatchers Pass BBQ bring something to share.. will have a grill..

Show & Shine Car Show

State Fair Parade and day in the park

Cooperlanding Rally / Poker Run


September 13 1:00pm Monthly Meeting to Matanuska Glacier lunch at Long Rifle Lodge

September 5 8:00am Fairbanks Chasing the Sun Run date is set go ahead and make your sleeping arrangements now... (its labor day weekend FYI)


October 13 6:00pm Monthly meeting at the Rock

End of the Season Party

Trunk or Treat


November 10 6:00pm Monthly meeting at the Rock


December 8 6:00pm Monthly meeting at the Rock



Planning for Summer


At our last meeting I mentioned the desire to fill in the calendar for this season.. I will need your input. 

Going off of previous calendars here is what I have come up with:

First thought… Starting May instead of Monthly TUESDAY meetings at a local restaurant. I was thinking we could do a SUNDAY evening drive to a scenic park then cook up Hot Dogs / Burgers this would be a bring a dish BBQ thing..  (only for the Summer months) then back to normal…. 

April -
Monthly Meeting (restaurant)
Rally in the Valley car show

May -
Monthly Meeting (BBQ)
Valley Chrome Show (3day event)
Kool Kruize

June -
Monthly Meeting (BBQ)
Homer Rally / Poker Run

July -
Monthly Meeting (BBQ)
4th of July Parade (Anchorage, Palmer, Seward, Girdwood - forrest Fair)?
bear Paw car show Friday 10 at 6pm-9pm
bear Paw Parade Saturday 11 at 11am

August -
Monthly Meeting (BBQ)
Show & Shine PreShow
Show & shine Show
Cooper landing Rally/Poker Run

September -
Monthly Meeting (restaurant)
Chasing the sun Fairbanks Run -Overnighter-

October -
Monthly Meeting (restaurant)
Trunk or Treat

November -
Monthly Meeting (restaurant)

December -
Monthly Meeting (restaurant)

This is what I have … noting is currently final please help me get this done. … Thank you.